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I carry guitar strings Martins, D'Addario ,Fender, Earthwood and Ernie Ball just to name a few. I also carry Uke, Bass ,Mandolin ,Banjo strings as well. My inventory covers the basic. If you are in need of a specific type and brand I can special order those. Prices range from a budget type strings selling at average 5.00 to name brand strings ranging from 9.99 to 14.99 .Sometimes I will do a buy in and have a special sale on strings as well. Be sure to check in you never know .Please call Shop 513 523 7784 or Cell 513 655 8511 for available guitar stings .




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About Us

We are an established business with over forty years of buying and selling antiques under our belt, launching Jackson's Music in 2007. We are located in Southwest Ohio in a town called College Corner. We are four minutes from Oxford Ohio, home of Miami University. We deal in all types of musical instruments from new to used as well as antiques. So keep watching and maybe we'll have something you'll like.



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Jackson's Music & Antiques
2 Main Street
College Corner, Ohio 45003
Wed - Sat: 11am - 7pm
Sun: 11am - 3pm

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